AmeriVent Gas Venting & All Fuel (Wood) Chimney Pipe and Fittings

Napoleon Gas Stoves and Fireplaces come in two different venting configurations; Direct Vent and Natural Vent

Direct vent uses a pipe in a pipe system to exhaust the products of combustion and take in the combustion air.

When the unit is installed next to the outside wall use the Napoleon flexible vent kits found in the Napoleon price book venting section. The numbers are GD7RVK (4x7 rear vent) and GD7TVK (4x7 top vent) Some fireplaces have 5x8 direct vent their kit numbers are GD8RVK and GD8TVK. For direct venting gas stoves the GD175 adjustable vent kit is normally used.

To direct vent through the roof or with a long horizontal run itís best to use the AmeriVent rigid piping. The installation manuals give you the venting limitations.

Natural vent uses a single vent pipe that terminates vertically through the roof. The natural vent pulls its combustion air from the living space.

For a direct vent fireplace or stove, use AmeriVent direct vent.  [Click Here for Catalog]

For a natural vent unit use the AmeriVent B-vent. [Click Here for Catalog]

Napoleon Wood Fireplaces and Stoves use the AmeriVent all fuel chimney HS or HSS series. [Click Here for Catalog]

Napoleon Pellet Stoves and Pellet Inserts use the AmeriVent pellet vent. [Click Here for Catalog]

Napoleon Gas Fireplace Inserts use flexible chimney liner/s one or two depending on the unit.

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